About Us

At Zahra Jewelry, we have an obsession with accessories! We believe that no outfit is complete without a little bit of sparkle, like icing on the cake.

We believe that gorgeous pieces should be accessible to all, so we're bringing you the best quality faux jewelry styles that look like real stones at a fraction of the price, so you can fill your jewelry box with so many more looks. Quality and quantity!

And last, we believe that jewelry should be as easy as possible to maintain. You'll find you'll never have to clean our jewelry (thanks to our amazing platings), and should a piece ever break, we will replace or repair to your for free, for life. 

Thank you so much for visiting our store, and we hope you love our jewelry as much as we love sharing it with you!


The Look of Real (Affordable!)

Zahra Jewelry offers a large selection of fashionable cubic zirconia jewelry with such high quality, you will struggle to tell the difference between it and the real deal. 

Get it Quick

Most orders are processed same-day so you can have it in time for your special event or as a last minute gift. 

Lifetime Guarantee

All of our jewelry is covered by an unconditional lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. Yes, you read right! We will either repair or replace your piece free of charge if it breaks. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Above and Beyond Quality

Are you looking for stunning, long-lasting jewelry? Quality should never be a compromise. We design our pieces to be unique, attractive, and durable for long-term daily wear. Many customers have worn their same pieces for years, and they still look good as new! 

Our Promise

We treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the pieces from our store that we do in making them. That is why we also unconditionally guarantee your jewelry for life! 

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. We are happy to help you with the search for the perfect accessories!